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Recent Epiphanies

Today I went downstairs to the vending machines to get a diet coke. While I was there, I decided to get a snack from the snack machine. I put the diet coke I'd purchased on top of the snack machine, but I put it too close to the edge and it fell off, and rolled under the machine.

I got down on the floor to retrieve it. I was able to get back up again, but it took a little more effort than it should have. I decided not to buy  the candy bar I had my eye on. I also took the stairs back up to the office.

I had an epiphany about books this weekend. I had some very overdue library books I'd been unable to find. I decided that they might be in my car. So I did some cleaning out of my car and found them. In the process of cleaning, I took a stack of about 10 books into my house. This was yet more evidence that I have a book problem.

That much was clear. But thinking further, I realized that not only did I have a book problem, but I was alerted  to it by cleaning out my car. I don't think that happens to many people. I have a really bad book problem.

Generally realizations like this lead to vows and resolutions towards better behavior. But not from me. I know myself too well.