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Entry #700-Beatles Songs

Rolling Stone recently published it's list of  what it considers the 10 best Beatles songs. Predictably, A Day In The Life was named best.
It wasn't just a predictable choice. It was a safe choice and a lazy choice. ADITL is certainly an above average song, and was admittedly quite ambitious for it's time. But it's an overrated song, partly because  it was on the overrated Sgt. Pepper album. Before anyone finds out where I live and comes to my house and kills me, I'll conceded Sgt. Pepper is a very good album. I still can't help believing that a lot of the praise it continues to get comes as much from it's historical significance as it does from it's musical merits.

My fave pundit Dan Flynn also took issue with the list. He published his own list of the Beatle's 10 coolest songs. I'm not sure what he sees as the difference between cool and good (although he hints the former is a little easier to arrive at a permanent conclusion about.) I was pleased to see him include You Know My Name, Look Up My Number which is not only just as good as A Day In The Life, but is more musically interesting. He also included a song called It's All Too Much , which I had never heard of. I'm not an aficionado , but it's still fairly hard to come up with a Beatles song I'm unfamiliar with.

Two songs that I felt were wrongly missing from both lists were I Am The Walrus and For No One. John Lennon did a good job of writing lyrics that were completely nonsensical yet sounded like they might mean something. I have put an embarrassing amount of thought into  figuring out what yellow matter custard is and who Semolina Pilchard is. I care a lot more about Pilchard than I ever have about Billy Shears.

For No One is the best break up song ever. I've never heard a song that so perfectly captures the emotions a man feels when a woman he loves is no longer interested in him. It is almost too good of a break up song. It captures and amplifies the feelings of rejection and worthlessness so well it's probably best to wait a week or two after a break up before listening to it. I would recommend working your way up to it with country music, and giving the real emotions a chance to subside a little. As far as I know, it  was mostly written by Paul McCartney. I would have never guessed the Silly Love Songs guy was capable of such raw emotional honesty.

I guess I should make my own top 10. As Dan Flynn said, there's a chance that  "the tomorrow me will have a violent argument with the today me"  about it. The entries are roughly in descending order of how likely they are to still be on the list tomorrow.
  1. I Am The Walrus
  2. For No One
  3. You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
  4. I've Just Seen A Face
  5. All You Need Is Love
  6. Good Day Sunshine
  7. Here, There And Everywhere
  8. Rocky Raccoon
  9. Why Don't We Do It In The Road.
  10. I'm So Tired


Oh boy, I've just realized I know so few Beatles songs. I like...well, "Let It Be", "I Wanna Hold Your Hand", and "She Loves You", and several others I can't remember but are just silly love songs. :)
Did you do "Run For Your Life" in a metal style? I can see where that would be VERY menacing