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Poetry Reading After Action Report 9/8/2010

There was a relatively light turnout at the poetry reading last night. Among the people missing was my friend Liz. The gentleman she usually comes in with was there and he told me that she was just tired and  there was nothing serious wrong with her. This made sense. As I remarked, being a cancer patient t AND a PhD student probably wears you out after a while.

I didn't have any memorial haiku, but I did bring along several of my baiku. (For those new to my blog, a baiku is a 6 line poem with syllable count 5-7-5-5-5-7-5 and rhyme scheme abcabc.)  Since turnout was light, Jonathan allowed everyone 3 poems. I talked him into letting me read 4 of my baiku, since they were short. I read Reality , which was the first baiku I ever wrote. Then I read a more recent one called Darkness.

The next two I read were ones I'd written that were based on the plays of Shakespeare. I read one based on Romeo And Juliet, followed by a baiku interpretation of Henry IV, Part 1.

It was an uneventful but pleasant poetry reading. I hope Liz is back next month.