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Elle got her motorcyle license

She called me today to tell me. It was a bit of a surprise. She had mentioned getting a motorcycle a couple of times, but has never talked about it at length.

This is a more interesting story if you have met Elle. She is a very petite and very quiet woman. If you were going to choose songs for the soundtrack of her life, Born To Be Wild would probably not be on the short list. But she does like challenges, even when they are frightening. Especially when they are frightening.

Underneath her demure exterior, she is a very tough woman. One thing I have learned from her is that tough women are a lot like tough guys...they don't go around acting tough. They don't need to.

She's looking at motorcyles, but is not sure when she is going to buy one.

Now that she is a motorcyclist, she has gone from merely being 100 times as awesome as I am to 200 times as awesome. I can deal with it though, since  she is still  not too awesome to give me a call. Or maybe she still doesn't know how much more awesome she is than me. As smart and astute as she is, she tends to be clueless about that. That's one of the things I love about her.