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Terry Jones And 9/11

Terry Jones didn't burn the Quran today. I guess that's good.

Burning the Quran does seem distasteful and juvenile. But honestly,Jones's  burning the Quran  doesn't disturb me nearly as much as General Petraeus telling him not to. I realize Petraeus technically did not violate Jones's first amendment rights, since he has no legal authority over civilians (yet). But he has an awful damn big bully pulpit.

Even worse was the reason. He said it would put American troops in danger. I guess because it would make the people they are fighting mad. I care about our troops. But I see no point in deploying them anywhere if we're so concerned about hurting the enemy's feelings we try to stifle the free expression of American citizens.

I was offended when moveon.org put out their "General Betray Us"  ad Now it pains me to say they may have gotten it right.

I hate making this post on 9/11. I'd really rather post something poignant or inspirational. But I fear that the main lesson America has learned from the attack is that if we take great pains not to offend anyone in the Muslim world, maybe no more planes will get flown into our buildings. And it needs to be pointed out that this is the wrong lesson.

Maybe next  year I 'll have something more uplifting to say. I sure hope so. But if America continues to be a country full of pussies, I will not hesitate to point it out.