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My Weekend

It was raining Saturday morning, so I wasn't able to take my morning walk down to the coffee shop. I suppose I should have thought of something else productive to do, but instead I just hopped in my car and drove to Books-A-Million. I picked up Thomas Sowell's latest book, The Dismantling Of America. I also found a copy of a Larry McMurtry novel, When The Light Goes, in hardback on the discount truck. It was only 2 dollars and I couldn't resist. This made me want to by another Larry McMurtry book (his books are kind of like potato chips that way.)

Last time I had been in there I had seen a book called Literary Life: A Second Memoir that looked intriguing. (The first memoir was called Books: A Memoir, about his experiences as a bookseller.)  I looked in the biography section, but all I found was his Hollywood: A Third Memoir.

Damn. He should take more of a break between memoirs so that people will have a chance to purchase them.

I also found a book called How To Live: A Search For Wisdom From Old People (While They Are Still On This Earth). This looked very intriguing,but then it occured to me that I am 52 years old and I can make my own old people's wisdom without shelling out money on a book. It's one of those things you learn from being around for 52 years.

I went out to eat and read a pretty good chunk of Dismantling America. It  is a collection of Sowell's columns, and he gave the book it's title because most of them reflect his belief that America is doomed. It probably is, but that didn't effect my appetite. Not when I was having the Bob Evan's Homestead Breakfast!

That night I went down to the coffee shop. I sat inside and read some more of Sowell's book. I got tired of reading so I went outside to join some friends. We chatted for a bit, and somehow the subject of ontology came up. I don't remember how that happened. It was probably my fault.  lexvonrockets   said that Aristotle's Metaphysics was really about ontology. I asked her why he called it Metaphysics when it was really about ontology and she said someone other than Aristotle gave it the title.

I put so much thought into figuring out if that was really true I plumb didn't notice it didn't answer my question. Damn historical trivia.

Sunday I was able to walk down to the coffee shop. I took the Sowell book with me, as well as The Decline And Fall Of Pracitically Everybody by Will Cuppy, another book I have been reading. I ran into my friend Hannah, along with her friend Mark. Both of them are philosophy students. I brought up the subject of last nights conversation, and Mark said he had just finished writing a paper on that very topic.

Wow. That's what I call helpful.

The paper involved something called dasein, which I had never heard of. It's apparently a term Martin Heidegger invented. I guess if you are a famous philosopher you can do that. I didn't get a lot of new insight, but it did strengthen my understanding that metaphysics is a relatively broad term and ontology is not. I am a little closer to solving the metaphysics=ontology problem, thanks to Mark.

I finished reading the Cuppy book before I read the coffee shop. I drove down again that night and finished reading the Sowell book. So while it wasn't a productive weekend by most definitions of the word, I did get a few things done. I got a little bit of exercise, finished reading two books, and learned a new word. That's not too shabby. Well, not irredeemably shabby.