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Lunch in general and soup in particular

I haven't been eating lunch with Elle as much as I used to.  Today was no exception. I went by myself, with a Larry McMurtry novel to keep me company. It would have been nice if Elle had been with me, partly because her company is always nice. Another reason was that they had corn chowder, which is her favorite soup.

I didn't know if she was on campus, so I texted her that they were having corn chowder. She texted me back thanking me, but letting me know she had already left. Alas. That's what I texted back to her.."Alas". One of the ladies who works in the cafeteria came by my table and asked how  my wife was. I knew she meant Elle (she's the only lady I eat with there) but I told her I didn't have a wife. She gave me a scowl that said "you know what I mean", and I told her she was working really hard these days. She said "bless her heart".

In the middle of this I got another text from Elle. She said "We should do lunch sometime." I was actually pretty jazzed. We have probably had lunch together over a hundred times, but I was still happy that she likes the idea of having lunch with me. I texted her back and told her one of the cafeteria ladies was asking about her.

I guess knowing  a ladies favorite soup is more important than most men realize.