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Ira Yaromolenko update

Today I was going to go to the murder trial of  Neil Cassada, one of two people accused of killing Ira Yarmolenko.

But now I'm not because, in a bizarre coincidence, Mr. Cassada died yesterday of a heart attack. There is another suspect, Mark Carver, who is going to be tried later.

I don't know what to make of this. I was hoping there would be a trial, not just to bring justice to Ira, but to answer some perplexing questions. There are many who doubt that Cassada and Carver are the real culprits, partly because DNA has been found on the chords used to strangle Ira that didn't belong to either one of them.

There might be an explanation for this and other anomolies,  and I was hopiing a trial would reveal it.

I was talking today with a friend about conspiracy theories, and shared my long held belief that  we might not have so many conspiracy theories about the JFK assassination if the Dallas Police department had done a better job of guarding Lee Harvey Oswald. I said to my friend that Oswald was not just an accused assassin...he was also evidence. He could have clarified a lot of things about the assassination had he lived.

I feel the same way about Cassada. I would have liked to have seen the entire body of evidence against him revealed. There is no reason to cheer that the taxpayers have been saved some money.  If there is only one possible justification for taxes, it is to pay for a criminal justice system. And the role of the criminal justice system is not just to punish the guilty, but to provide a venue where all facts regarding a criminal case can be revealed and explained. That's obviously not going to happen with Cassada now. I hope nothing like this happens before the trial of Mark Carver.

In the meantime, I still miss Ira. May she soon get the justice she deserves.