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Poetry Reading After-Action Report

There were more people than I expected at the poetry reading last night, given that Bob Dylan was playing on campus. Liz was there and was looking very energetic and healthy.

A few of my students were there and one of them, whom I'll call Dave, read before I did. It was called "One million". He pretended he was going to count to a million, but then stopped at 10. It was kind of like Andy Kauffman reading the Great Gatsby. Kind of.

I was up next. I couldn't resist saying "Dave, there's a succinct way of counting to a million. It's called a for loop." After that little shot, I read my haiku. I had three about recently deceased celebrities. Ira had been on my mind lately, so I read the haiku I wrote for her again.

Here's the haiku:

Joseph Sobran

Modern-day Mencken
Your words produced great delight
And sometimes anger

Tony Curtis

Painting or acting,
Your nostrils were filled with the
Sweet smell of success

Leonard Skinner

An inspiration
To your players, although not
Like most coaches are

Ira Yarmolenko
Goodnight, sweet princess
Your heart was a grand hotel
Where all your friends lived

Liz read a poem called "Never Say Never". I thought it would be about her battle with cancer. Actually it was about dogs, and how she'd said she would never have one and would never spoil a dog if she did have one.

She was able to step away from her battle with cancer to write a funny poem about dogs. That's actually more inspirational than any inspirational poem she would have written.

After the reading, I had a long chat with a friend who heard my Ira haiku for the first time that night. There were a few tears and a lot of opening up about grief. I had broken a seal for both of us.