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This morning at the coffee shop

I was sitting in the comfy chairs near the front of  the shop, and Irene, one of the employees came and sat in the chair across from me.
There were no customers in the shop and she wanted a break. She closed her eyes for a couple of minutes. On the radio, Frank Sinatra was singing "Someone To Watch Over Me".

She looked so sweet sitting there dozing, and this was the perfect soundtrack for that image. It made me want to watch over her. Or heck, I'd be happy for Frank Sinatra to watch over her. As long as someone was.

After a couple of minutes she opened her eyes and I remarked to her what a pretty song this was. She smiled and said "Oh yes. I wish they still played music like this. Especially outdoors, and on patios. It's gorgeous and you can dance to it."

I have little to add to those words. I would not be so presumptuous as to say we had a nice shared moment. But for me, it was a very lovely personal moment I will not forget for a while.