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Early Voting

I voted early yesterday. I used to be opposed to early voting, because I'm opposed to efforts to make voting too convenient. But damn, when it's made convenient, it's hard to pass up.

I voted at a nearby public library, and it was very crowded. The line was out the door. I don't know if it was because of generally high turnout, or because it was the last hour of weekend early voting. I  actually waited longer than I did in 2008.

Once inside, I had an "I Voted Early" sticker put on me (which I discarded as soon as I left), went through the requisite rituals, and voted.

I hit the Republican straight ticket button, and then changed one of the county commission Republican votes to the Libertarian candidate Jack Stratton. That's a tradition with me. Stratton's been running on one Libertarian ticket or another for a while now, and he always gets my vote.

I voted no on all the bonds. I didn't even think about it. My reasoning is that if the bonds are for something truly worthwhile, they will pass with my no vote.

On my way out, I was approached by a fellow with a petition. He asked if it bothered me that I didn't have to show ID. It certainly did, That's one of the reasons I vote early...it's good for me to vote as me before some imposter does. That sounds paranoid, but a lady who was with the petition bearer said there had been a couple of such cases at the polling place we were at. I wasn't surprised. No one working the polls that day knew me, so if someone had claimed to be me they would have gotten away with it. Someone is bound to be the victim of an impostor.

I signed the petition. Hopefully it will result in some legislative change.