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Commotion In My Neighborhood

My doorbell rang last night at around 11:00. It was my next door neighbor Fred. He first informed me that he had accidentally cut his phone lines that day. Then he informed me that the gentleman companion of my across the street neighbor had been killed in a freak accident earlier that day. Apparently he had a problem with one of his back tires, and when he was out checking it, the car rolled over on him.

It was tough news. I didn't know him that well (didn't even know his name) but he seemed nice and had given me helpful automotive advice a couple of times. He was pretty handy and not young (I'm guessing him and my neighbor were both in their 70's) so I'm surprise he had the kind of accident he had.

My across the street neighbor (whom I'll call Betty) didn't want to stay in the house that night and went to stay with a sister who lived around the corner. Fred offered to keep an eye on her house and he told me he noitced some people there and he wasn't sure who they were. I suggested he call the police.

He reminded me his phone wasn't working. I'd gotten so engrossed in the story I'd forgotten about that. I let him in to use mine. He had to go in the back bedroom because my portable phone was out of charge. I usually don't let people go that far into my house because it looks like it could be on an episode of Hoarders. He came into the house and told me it didn't look too bad by bachelor standards. I think he was just being kind.

After he called 911, we went outside and waited for the police. We noticed people coming out of the house and (perhaps foolishly) went closer to investigate.

It was just Betty and her sister and I'm guess her great-nephew. I knew her sister. She was the lady I met after my own home was burglarized. I don't think I'd seen her since then. I need to go visit her when something bad has not just happened. Like seeing a relative for something besides a funeral.

Betty didn't seem to be in too bad a shape emotionally. It's hard to guage these things though. Everybody grieves differently. I know I didn't cry for three days after my mother died. 

The police showed up pretty quickly and seemed pretty understanding about the mistake. I think they were glad Fred erred on the side of caution.

I hope Betty's  OK. I wish I knew her boyfriend's name. He was a good guy and seemed to take good care of her. May he rest in peace.
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