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My Day

I woke up early this morning, and had time to put a load of washing into the washing machine. I still had to leave before it was finished, so I need to remember to put the clothes in  the drier before I come home so they won't get sour.

I was pretty busy at work. I had two classes to teach and a lot of advisees to advise. I had a student late in the afternoon come by with questions about upcoming tests. I am giving tests in three classes this week.

Lest I sound more diligent than I am, I did goof off enough on the internet to learn that today is James K. Polks birthday. It's kind of cool that it's on election day.

I didn't go vote because as regular readers know, I have already voted.

And the moral of this entry is twofold:
  1. If NaBloPoMo takes place when you're busy with lots of other things, you're going to make an occasional very lame entry.
  2. Early voting is a good thing after all.
  3. People who are dumb enough to think blog entries have a moral probably can't count either