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Election Aftermath

Overall, I'm happy but not terribly excited about the results. In many ways this was like 1994. The Democrats had ridden a big wave of victory that gave them both houses of congress and the presidency two years earlier. Then they overreached because they thought their victory meant that the country had shifted to the left, when it meant nothing of the sort. It only meant someone named Bush was in the White House at the time of the election.

I just described 1994 and 2010. There are some differences though. For one thing, Republicans took both houses of congress in 1994, and this time they only took the House of Represenatives.  Also, the 1994 Republican victory was a surprise to a lot more people than 2010 was. In fact, they almost exactly met expectations as  given in this CNN article. I'll stop short of saying this was a boring election, but The American Thinker was spot on in calling it Tsunami -Lite.

It will be interesting to see what happens with the Alaska race, where Lisa Murkowski was a write-in candidate. She and most of the media say she won, but the final vote gave a victory to "write-in", not to her. The write-in ballots have to be counted. I'm sure that at least a few of them are not for her.

It would be hilarious if Dick Hertz and Hugh Jass got more votes than she did. And it would serve her right for being  such a spoiled  brat after losing the primary.

Probably the most interesting (not to say significant) result of this race is that Jerry Brown is now both the oldest  and youngest person to be elected governor of California. I'm always happy for a shiny new factoid, no matter where it comes from.

But enough about politics. Today is National Sandwich Day. The thing to do now is put all the election stress behind you and go out and enjoy  your favorite sandwich!