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I love it when bad people die.

I have had a bad couple of days, so I was delighted to wake up this morning to the news that Abu al-Zarqawi had been killed.

I know that sounds cold, but it is hard to mourn the death of someone that goes around cutting off folks heads.

He has had more effect on my attitude about the war on terror than anyone else, even the 9-11 hijackers. I wasn't in favor of going into Iraq (and still am undecided as to whether it was a good idea). I had some sympathy for the anti-war movement, even though they are on the different side of the political aisle from me.
That changed when people started getting decapitated. I am sorry, but the people getting their heads chopped off are not the bad guys. The people doing the chopping are. This is an observation completely independent from any political ideology. Or it should be. Michael Moore insisted that the victims were soldiers of fortune, and that the guys chopping their heads off were the equivalent of our minutemen.

I was discussing the decapitations at my fave coffee shop with a friend, when a fellow at the next table interjected himself and expressed his concerns that the contractors (the decapitees) were not bound by Geneva Convention rules. I couldn't believe that was his first concern after what had happened.

I watched a television interview with Nick Berg's father Michael Berg this morning. He had a lot of anger towards George Bush. OK, I'll cut some slack to someone who's lost a kid. But an interviewer asked him if he was angry at Zarqawi at all, and pointed out that
there was video tape of Zarqawi beheading his son. His response was "do you believe everything you see on TV?". Wow.

I just hope Zarqawi's 70 virgins all look like Janet Reno and talk like Fran Drescher.