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A Productivity Technique

I've had lots of grading to do this week, and that is very tedious work. Nobody likes tedious work, but I am unusually bad at dealing with it.
My attention constantly wanders and it takes me forever. I'm probably ADD, although I've never sought a formal diagnosis. (That's always seemed pointless to me...either there's no such thing or I have it. Either way, getting a diagnosis would be a waste of time and money.)

Years ago my sister told me she sometimes uses an egg timer to help her with concentration. I've taken to using the timer on my cell phone. I set it to ten minutes, and during that time I have to concentrate exclusively on the task at hand. No daydreaming, no doodling, no chatting with other people in the coffee shop.

I tried it yesterday when I was in a local coffee shop grading. It worked quite well. I was amazed at what I was able to get done. I guess I should also be appalled at what I get done in most 10-minute periods by comparison. But I'm trying to look at the glass half full.