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Don't Worry I'll Think Of A Topic

Well the topic is really my COMPLETELY unproductive day, but I want you to at least read past the title before that is revealed to you. I walked down to the coffee shop, and did nothing but socialize and chill while I was down there. I didn't even read any of the book (Mao's Great  Famine) I took along with me.

Actually, that describes a lot of my Saturdays, except I usually get some reading done.

I did some Karl Childers imitations. I made one of my friends laugh pretty hard by blurting out "The bible says two men ought not to lay together"
during a lull in the conversation.

I'm glad I could make my friend laugh, but I don't think talking like Karl Childers counts as productive unless you are Billy Bob Thornton.

I felt a little less guilty about being lazy than I usually do. I'd had a busy week with advising and grading and making not completely lame blog entries. So I'd planned for a lot of weekend down time. Although I did question my use of time when I found out that a friend of mine whom I'd always thought of as a chronic underachiever has a patent in his name. And I don't. Maybe I allow myself too much downtime.

I guess it wasn't a completely wasted day. I went to the TCM and voted for Don't Worry I'll Think Of  A Title to be released on DVD. Since that's the movie I named my blog after, I really ought to see it. And that's hard to do when it's not on DVD. I guess I could give my blog another name, such as The Day The Clown Cried. But then I'd have the same problem.

And of course I made this entry. So I didn't break NaBloPoMo.

Making a friend laugh and making a blog entry aren't completely worthless activities.But they're not in the same league as being awarded a patent . I need to give myself a little less down time.