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Things I Haven't Done

You might have noticed that yesterday's post was about books I haven't read and and that my post from the 15th was about books I didn't purchase. Actually I've made quite a few posts about the latter. Being the bibliophile I am, I consider not purchasing books to be an accomplishment, albeit a negative one.

At any rate, this blog is starting to have a de facto theme of "things I haven't done." Maybe I could make that the official theme. I could make that the title. Or maybe it would be better to keep the current title...to indicate that thinking of a title is one of the many things I haven't done.

There are two approaches I could take. I could take my usual approach of whining and berating myself over all the things I have not done (which is a lot less work than actually doing them!). Or I could write about things I haven't done as if I had actually done them.

I could write about my travels. Preferably to some place not many people have been, so I wouldn't be too quickly exposed as a fraud. Latvia might be a good faux destination. Or maybe Tasmania, home of the tasmanian devil. I think Tasmania might be a fun place to pretend to visit.

Or I could write about the career as an architect I've never had. I've always wanted to pretend to be an architect.