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My modest TSA story

The scanning/groping policy of the TSA has been receiving attention in the news and on the web lately. The unanimity of the opposition is quite impressive.  I find myself in rare agreement with liberal friends about the unnecessary intrusiveness of these policies.

I haven't been effected by this new policy since I haven't flown in a while. And I've never dealt with anything as ugly as  being x-rayed or groped. But the controversy does remind me of an unpleasant experience I had a few years ago, although it was nowhere near as bad as what people have been going through lately.

I was flying back from Los Angeles and I had to take my belt off for security. I wear a belt for a reason. It's the same reason a fireman wears red suspenders...to keep my pants up. So I had to keep hitching my pants up with my hands while I was going through security.

The TSA agent  looked at me and said "you got a problem with your pants?".

Like I said, my experience was nowhere near as bad as a lot of people have had. And people have made more offensive remarks to me than this TSA agent did.

The difference was, I couldn't say anything back. If I'd been able to say to him "of course I'm having a problem with my pants you idiot, you've got my belt!!" I wouldn't be making this post. I probably would have forgotten it by now.

Of course if I'd said what I was thinking I would have missed my flight, and possibly faced some kind of criminal charges. He could be as rude to me as he wanted, and I couldn't say a damned thing about it. I've had worse treatment from people, but I've never been so aware of being under somebody's thumb as I was then.

This guy was effectively as powerful as a regular policeman but about as professional as a mall cop. After something is done about the porno scanners, maybe it should be impressed on TSA agents that they might have a better public image if they would learn some social skills.