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Writer's Block: You're my best friend

Who was your best childhood friend, and where are they now?

I'll give him the fake name Jed Snopes. His real name was even funnier if you can believe that.

I first met him when I was in the 4th grade and our family had moved back to North Carolina. He and his sister walked the same route to school that I did, and we struck up an acquaintance.

One day he found something ( I think the top of a can, or something equally round) and tossed it saying "Look you can throw this like a frisbee!". We both chased after it and I got in his way and he tripped and fell. He vowed revenge.

Some days he would waylay me on my way to school and repeat his vow of revenge. He never hit me or anything though. He just annoyed me. Maybe that was his revenge.

He got over it eventually, and we became friends. I think each of us was the only one weird enough to be friends with the other one.

Two things stand out about him in my mind. The first was that he had a massive porn stash, far larger than you would expect for a kid his age. And this was a long time before the internet. The other was that he was the only kid in middle school who could grow a beard. Looking back now, I'm thinking he must have had excessively high testosterone.

He had big feet too. He once said he might have to start mail-ordering shoes because it was so hard to find shoes that fit him. He was kind of like a transgressive Paul Bunyan. A truly interesting fellow.

I don't know where he lives now, although I've heard he lives in a small town up the road from here.