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Poetry Reading After Action Report 12/10/2010

There were only six readers at the poetry reading last night. Since the turnout was so light, everyone was able to read more. I had brought along four haiku and a sonnet, and was allowed to read all of them.

In fact, I ended up reading more poems than I brought. I started out reading memorial haiku for Leslie Nielsen and Elizabeth Edwards, then the two nerdy haiku I wrote during NaBloPoMo. I was about to read my Christmas sonnet when Jonathan asked if he could make a request. I said sure, then burst into song..."If I leave here tomorrow/would you still remember me."

Turns out the request was not for  Free Bird. He wanted me to recite my Marcel Marceau memorial haiku. I was quite flattered, and happily complied. The audience seemed to like it too.

After I "recited" my Marceau haiku, I read my Christmas sonnet, as I do every year. Before I read, I said that if there were any regulars who heard me read it previously, it wouldn't hurt my feelings if they wanted to step outside and smoke.

Here are the haiku I wrote:

Leslie Nielsen

Leslie Nielsen dead?
Surely that cannot be true
"I'm afraid it is.":

Elizabeth Edwards

A wayward husband
And wayward cells besieged you
But you fought bravely

I didn't include the Marcel Marceau haiku because it has no words and doesn't translate well to text.

Here's the Christmas sonnet. If you are a long time follower of this blog and read it last year, it won't hurt my feelings if you stop reading and go outside for a smoke.

A Christmas Benediction

May tigers, wolves, and wildebeests not wait
Outside your door. May scary monsters flee
Your domicile. Let poltergeists vacate
Your home and not end you felicity.

May passion fruit and armagnac and cheese
From Holland grace your table every day.
May angels guard your cupboard; Let it please
Them always to keep lack and want at bay.

May loved ones all seem lovelier and foes
Bring chocolates to your door. May strangers greet
You as a friend and may you see in those
You know unknown virtues you’ve yet to meet.

May blessings fall at Christmastime my friend
On you like snowflakes falling without end.