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My knee has been bothering me lately, to the point that it is painful to walk. I'm not sure what the cause is, although I've had this problem before and it eventually went away. (I suspect it might be the recent cold weather.)

I do own a cheap cane, but I don't know where it is. My house is full of clutter, and walking around looking for it would be too painful right now. I've got to start being neater. It wasn't a prized possession, but I did give it a name. I called it Charlie. After Charles Foster Kane. Get it? He wasn't called Charlie much in the  movie, but he was called that  in Citizen Kane's one musical number. There is a clip of it on youtube, but unfortunately embedding is disabled. It's a delightful little number, and I strongly recommend you view it by clicking this link.

I went out and bought another cane. I know that was wasteful, but t was probably the best decision given the circumstances I'd created
I am wondering if I should name this cane Charlie as well. What if I find the original Charlie? Will he be jealous?

None of this is very adult. On the other hand, thinking of names for my inanimate possessions and imagining what their personalities are like and what their feelings are is a good distraction from physical pain. It's not as effective as whiskey, but a lot more healthy. And probably more adult.


I do hope you are all right.
Thank you for your concern. I think I'm going to be OK. Late Tuesday it got so bad I began to really worry about it. But it has gotten better, although it has not gone away. Ironically (and typically) it started getting better after I bought the cane.