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Writer's Block: Eye for an eye?

If you bumped into someone who regularly picked on you as a child, what would you say to them?

That actually happened a few years ago. I was in an all-night diner, and a guy I'll call Bob came in. He used to pick on me a lot in the 5th grade. He didn't do any serious bullying, but he teased me a lot about being fat and nerdy, among other things.And  I think maybe he thumped me on the head a couple of times.

I recognized him because we had also gone to high school together. In the movies, this would have been the moment when I confronted him about his bad behavior and gained some self-respect. Unfortunately, he was wearing a policeman's uniform so this did not seem wise.

He has since been promoted to homicide detective. I read about him in the news a lot when he was working on a local high-profile murder case.

I thought about him when I was called to jury duty. I kept hoping it would be for a case where he was lead investigator.As I wrote previously, I didn't even get called into a courtroom. But should the situation arise, I would not hesitate to let the prosecutor know how Bob treated me back in elementary school.  I generally don't hang onto resentment this long, but I'll make an exception if it can get me out of jury duty.