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My Weekend

I had quite a weekend. I had to get grades in by noon today, and this was made trickier by the fact that my last two exams were on Friday. On top of that commencement was this weekend and they were having a white elephant gift exchange at Jackson's Java. I had doubts if I could make it to either of these events. Attending commencement was sort of obligatory, but two finals on the last day provided a good excuse.

And besides, I didn't know where my cap was.

Elle was disappointed I wasn't going. She said "I won't have anyone to sit with."  That sure made me want to go. Then a student came by my office, wanting his first test back. He wasn't there when I gave it back. In the process of looking for it, I found my cap.

I decided to go to graduation.

Then I found out Lisa, an old friend I don't see much of any more, was going to be at the white elephant exchange. I decided to go to that.

After my last test Friday, I spent two hours grading. I graded most of a classes worth of tests. I was fairly amazed at how efficient I was.

Then it was off to the white elephant exchange. I brought my copy of Special Topics In Calamity Physics. It was the first one to get taken 3 times, which was flattering. I also ended up with a pretty nice gift. It was a box of eggnog cookies from Trader Joes. One lady got a some tupperware. She was really excited about having tupperware, and was even more excited when she found out the giver had put a 20 dollar bill inside the box it came in. It was worth coming just to see that.

Among the other gifts were a bowling ball, a kite, a head massager, a fruitcake, and some anal lube.  It was a fun evening.

I made it to graduation the next day. A former student of mine who was graduating was also at the white elephant exchange the night before. He was the one who left with the bowling ball. I saw him at the reception and asked if he was happy. He said he sure was. I said "I don't blame you, I'd be happy too if I'd gotten a free bowling ball."

Elle drove me to my car because my knee was still bothering me a bit. My knee is a lot better since I first posted about it, so it wasn't completely necessary. But I let her because I love it when she does those little nurturing things.

After I left campus, I finished grading my exams. I got my final grades entered at 10:00 last night, 14 hours ahead of the deadline.I was pretty pleased with myself because I am usually not efficient enough to fit so much into one weekend. In fact I have never been that efficient.

It was an awesome weekend.