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About that white Christmas

I mentioned in my Christmas entry that Charlotte had it's first white Christmas in 60 years. I confess to a slight oversight. The link I gave did not reference the date of the last white Christmas. You can find that information in this article. (And to be precise, it's been 63 years.) There's also a reference in this article.

I didn't talk about the implications for the theory of anthropogenic global warming. This was deliberate. I didn't want to put any contentious issues in my warm fuzzy Christmas posting.

But I'm done with Christmas now. What we experienced on Christmas didn't feel like global warming, anthropogenic or otherwise. I understand the AGW crowd will say that one white Christmas doesn't undermine their argument.

It's true that one Christmas day does not a trend make.  But it's also true that  at one time warmers said that Saturday's snow fall was not supposed to happen. I refer to the article from the Independent, linked below:

Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past

Of course, now some climate scientists are saying the white Christmas was actually caused by global warming, as is evidenced by this more recent article in the Daily Mail

Global warming 'will give Britain longer, colder winters' as melting sea ice plays havoc with weather patterns

So mild and cold winters are both evidence of global warming. What a convenient tautology.


In other words: Heads I win, tails you lose!

Although it feels like global warming here in the southern hemisphere. Then again, it is summer.
I'm sure someone will point to the warm New Zealand Decembers as proof of global warming.