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August 2nd, 2012


A book of blank pages

I don't know how it came up in conversation, but today after class a student was telling me about a book that opened with several pages of positive (but made up) blurbs, followed by nothing but blank pages. The author was of the belief that reviewers often wrote about his books without reading them, and he wanted to test this theory.

The student told me he sent the book to several reviewers, and some of them wrote reviews just based on the blurbs at the beginning. Nothing like the scientific method.

He couldn't remember the name of the book, but after a little searching on his phone he determined the title. I tried googling it, along with the phrase "blank pages" , and got surprisingly little. Apparently nobody on the internet wants to give away the joke

I posted a link to the book on my facebook page, and my cousin liked it.I quickly messaged her and told her not to buy it. I would have felt horrible if she'd put down money for a book of blank pages because of me.

I was going to include more information in this post,but I don't want to be the lone spoilsport that gives away the joke. I'm even a little hesitant to quote extensively from reviews (which are a hoot). I will say that the book has been described favorably as "a teaching event" and criticized as "not a book at all".