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August 10th, 2012


Poetry Reading After-Action Report 8/9/2012

In spite of doctors orders, and still not being 100% up to snuff, I went to the poetry reading last night. It was a pretty good crowd, including some new people.

I was a little late. When I walked in Jonathan announced "Cloyd's here!!!". People seemed happy. I guess they were glad I was not dead.

I shouted out to Jonathan to put me on the list of readers. He did and said "I can bump you up". That was very nice. He called me up after the next reader.

I expressed my thanks for everyone's well wishes. I expressed my regret that I did not write any poems about my hospital experience, but indicated that I might come up with something at the next reading.

I asked the audience "Let me see a show of hands...who would like to see a poem about catheters?" There were two or three hands. There did not appear to be widespread demand for such a poem.

My chosen selection was "The Palmreader" the poem I found in my office while I was moving. I gave a brief backstory and read the poem. I heard a few people say "aww". That's always gratifying.

It's good to be back.