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Back To Work

Classes don't start until Monday, but I came in to day to work with incoming student orientation. Part of orientation is showing the students around campus,  but the part I'm involved in is helping students sign up for the courses they need to get a degree from our department. It's important stuff.

Both students and parents come to these orientation sessions. There was only one pair of parents there today. I looked at the father and thought he looked familiar. He looked a little like a guy I went to grad school with. Then I noticed the mother looked familiar. She looked like a lady I went to grad school with. The lady that was dating the guy I went to grad school with. Then my  powerful computer-like brain generated the conclusion that I had gone to grad school with them.

That was 25 years ago, but they hadn't changed much. I went over and spoke to them and asked if they were the same people. They were indeed! It's nice to make contact with friends from the past (at least these friends...they are very nice people.) And it's really quite impressive to do it without the help of facebook!