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Elle's grandbaby

Elle took me over to her son and daughter-in-law's house the other night to see her new granddaughter Natasha (not her real name...I just picked something cool.)

The house was really nice. It was pleasantly but sparsely decorated. They also had a really nifty CD player that looked like an old radio, as well as a flat screen TV. The decor struck an almost perfect balance between good taste and cool stuff, which is a good sign for the marriage. It indicates they are willing to work together and allow each other things.

And oh yeah, there was a baby there too as well as cool stuff. She was really beautiful. I don't usually say that about babies, but she had a full head of hair and looked nothing like Nikita Kruschev or Winston Churchill. Her parents said she was a little sleepy, but she seemed really responsive. When people talked, she started making noises of her own to contribute to the conversation.

Elle was just ecstatic to see her. The smile on her face while she holding Natasha was something to behold. I have never seen her, or anyone really, so happy. While she was holding her, the conversation  turned to a recent appearance by Unknown Hinson at a local bistro, and Elle started singing a Hinson song to the baby.

That was the most amusing part of the evening. Elle often comes across as fairly conservative, and people who don't know her well wouldn't expect her to be the huge Unknown Hinson fan she is. And they sure wouldn't expect her to sing Unknown Hinson songs to her infant granddaughter. Actually, I know her fairly well and I wouldn't have expected that. (In fairness to Elle, she managed not to sing his  edgier lyrics.)

There was good food and good conversation. Elle brought pizza and wings. In addition to talking about Natasha, we discussed the whether differential equations are really necessary for a 4 year degree and the utility of owning a kindle. Her son Peter didn't think differential equations were that important to an engineering degree, and especially didn't see what good Laplace transforms are. On the first point I said a civil engineer should be smart enough to solve differential equations whether they actually use them or not. On the second point we were in closer agreement. I have never understood what Laplace transforms did for a solver of differential equations that good old fashioned transformation to a polynomial equation wouldn't do.

We were in much closer agreement on the kindle. Nobody there owned one, and everybody seemed to prefer physical books. Peter also said "and when you finish reading a book, you have a trophy ". I realized then that despite our differences on differential equations, he was a man after my own heart. Trophies are a huge part of why I own books. I didn't know anyone else thought that way. I have a whole book case dedicated to trophies. One of these days I'll have to invite Peter over to look at my trophy case.

It was a lovely evening.