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Poetry Reading After Action Report 1-14-2011

Last night's poetry reading was rather enjoyable. I sat at a table with Esther, a barista there who had just ended her shift, and a lady named Tammy. Tammy is a widely published poet who also has a North Carolina mountain accent that makes my heart melt. These two ladies were delightful company.

I didn't have any poems of my own. Yes, Captain Beefheart had died and under normal circumstances I would have had a memorial haiku. But for him, I wanted to do something special. In fact, I'd been planning on doing something special after his death for years, ever since I'd started hearing stories about his failing health.

Instead of writing a haiku, I memorized his "Old Fart At Play" and recited that.

I didn't even introduce it.  I just recited it and said "Rest In Peace, Captain Beefheart" when I was done. Everybody appeared to enjoy it, and Jonathan seemed  impressed. After I stepped down, he explained to baffled audience members who Captain Beefheart was and added a few words of appreciation of his own.

It was a swell poetry reading.