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Glenn Beck & The Onion

There's a fairly popular Onion News piece in which various grisly deaths are reported, with the reporter always lamenting that it wasn't Glenn Beck had died. I'd always thought it was a nasty piece of work, and the point seems to be that if Glenn Beck died a horrible death it would be (a) a good thing and (b) hilarious. I recently posted it on my facebook page, partly to illustrate how there is as at least as much hateful, violent rhetoric on the left as there is on the right.

And I must confess I wanted to see how some of my liberal friends would respond. I know, it's not nice to do sting operations on your friends. But it was hard to resist. A couple of times in the past I have run "accidental" stings. I say they were accidental because when I posted them, I had no clue they would get the responses they did. Once was when I posted a video from environmentalists that was so over the top it got pulled by the initial sponsors. And before that, I'd made a satirical remark about healthcare reform that some friends didn't seem to see as satire.

After those two events, I can't really claim pure intentions this time .So while my main purpose was to show that there is indeed incendiary rhetoric on the left, I was curious to see what responses I got.

Sure enough, I got "likes" and enthusiastic responses from three friends. But I have to confess, I was surprised by an enthusiastic response from a friend who is even more conservative than I am. He hit like AND commented on how hilarious it was.

I'm not sure what to make of this. It's possible that my old friend had shifted to the left (not likely), has not shifted to the left but just doesn't like Glenn Beck (more plausible than the first, but not much more likely), or interpreted it differently than I did. I think the last is most likely. It seems possible he interpreted it as a satire of media people who so obsessively hate Glenn Beck that he is the first person they think of when a young girl dies a horrible death.

Given the larger body of work on Onion News, I don't think that is very likely. They don't seem to be very interested in targeting the excesses of the left. I could be wrong, though. (Of course if I am wrong, so are all the liberals who responded.)


From the title on that video I thought it was making fun of all those leftist media voices who hate Glenn Beck too much for their own good.

Then I watched the video and thought it might actually be serious...
And then I got to the part where the grieving mother and concluded, nope, it's still making fun of the people who hate Glenn Beck too much for their own good. NO grieving mother would say something like this (unless it was Glenn Beck who ran over their child).

Then again, with some people it's hard to tell when they're satirizing and when they're being serious.
That's a good point about the mother...that was really over the top.

And since it is a fake news story, I guess a good default assumption would be that it was a parody of journalists, in particular left-leaning journalists who hate Glenn Beck.

My initial reaction was that it was a sneaky way for the creators to say how much they hated Glenn Beck. I may have to re-examine my opinion.