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Insomnia & Cable

I had really bad insomnia last night. I'm not sure why...I didn't get up too late that day and I didn't drink any coffee in the evening.

I tried watching some television. I have Showtime on Demand so I was able to watch several episodes of Californication. Some would say I would have slept better without it, but I generally keep the TV on for background noise anyway. (It's in the same room where I sleep.)

I have often described this show as Sex And The City for guys. The protagonist, Hank Moody, is like a male Carrie Bradshaw, a writer who has lots of meaningless but fun sex. I like it better than Sex And The City because,well, I'm a guy. It might not be a fair description, though.

Of course, I have never made it through an entire episode of Sex And The City,so it could be a fair description. It's definitely a lazy description.

One of the episodes was sort of an extreme version of the old "quick, hide!" routine from countless sitcoms and probably a few vaudeville skits.He had a stripper (who was also a former student in his writing class, as well as a former lover) and two of her colleagues in his bedroom. Then another professor from the college he worked at (who was also a former lover) showed up to announce she was leaving her husband for him. Then his teaching assistant (also a lover) showed up and threw herself at him and disrobed.

I just re-read that last paragraph. I think I understand where the insomnia came from.

I guess this is the point where a man says "boy, I'd like to have problems like that." I suppose I do, but not quite like THAT.  I would really prefer a more managable number of women. Maybe just two or three instead of five. That would give me as much excitement and ego satisfaction as I really need.

And then his estranged wife showed up with his daughter. So did the husband of the female professor. Things got even stickier.

The problem I know I wouldn't want to have was when his daughter, (who is in her early teens) asked him to explain all this to her. She was very angry and confused. I couldn't help but think of what it would be like to have that conversation with my niece Andi. That definitely wouldn't be worth it. I would have unpleasant elective surgery to avoid that.

I never got to sleep. Hopefully I'll catch up and get my sleep turned around  during the week.