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Post #800-Haiku, Recorders & Ice Cream

There were some interesting events and conversations from last nights poetry reading that are worth writing about. I didn't include them in my last entry because I thought it was getting too long. I almost entitled this entry "Poetry Reading After Action Report-Bonus Deleted Footage" but decided I didn't want to use such a grossly mixed metaphor, especially in a blog entry about poetry.

The topic of haiku came up. There was a new reader (whom I'll call Nikolai) that came with my friend lexvonrockets . I chatted with him a bit and he said "Lex was telling me how much she likes your haiku." I should be able to take a compliment better, but I always have mixed feelings about my haiku. I always feel like they are too easy, and present as evidence that writing them is often given as an exercise in middle school and grade school.  I said as much, adding "Haiku are to poetic forms what  the recorder is to musical instruments."

Jonathan jumped into the conversation here and said "Don't knock recorders. Some of Bach's best stuff was written for recorders." He had a point. Maybe I should take more pride in my haiku.

I noticed a really adorable little girl in a karate uniform. She was with a man, also wearing a karate uniform, whom I assumed was her father. I asked if they  had come in a few days earlier when there was no ice cream. He said he did.

He must have been wondering how I knew that, so I told him the story I am about to tell you. I didn't witness it first hand.One of the baristas, whom I'll call Matilda, told me about it.

The coffee shop had completely run out of ice cream and didn't order for several days. Matilda was doing some work in the ice cream part of the store and she saw a little girl in a karate outfit. She was too short to see there was no ice cream,so she just looked at Matilda and said "I want the rainbow kind of ice cream!".

That was heart-wrenching when Matilda first told me about it, and it is even more so now that I've seen the little girl. I would volunteer to clean the toilets to get out of telling her there was no ice cream. I'm sure it was unusually tough for Matilda because the ice cream section of the store is like her baby. (Although she doesn't have the authority to order ice cream...that is the owner's decision.) She once stayed late just to defrost the ice cream freezer.

When she told the little girl there was no ice cream, the little girl ran out of the store crying and said "My daddy  is going to be so sad."

There was ice cream last night. I'm glad that little girl got some ice cream. I hope her daddy isn't sad anymore.