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Atlas Shrugged and Hamburger Sandwiches

Even though I enjoyed Ayn Rand's Atlas Shrugged and agree with many of the ideas it promotes, I am not blind to it's flaws and don't mind taking an occasional poke at the book and it's author. Particularly amusing is the way  Rand refers to a hamburger as a "hamburger sandwich". I have never heard anyone outside of Galt's Gulch refer to a hamburger that way. I'm guessing it has something to do with English not being Rand's first language.

Which leads me to the famous anti-objectivist webcomic Atlas Shrugged Part II. It imagines all the novel's heroes safely ensconced in Galt's Gulch , only to discover that they can't have lunch because nobody there can cook.

But this is wrong. Hugh Akston quit teaching philosophy and became a cook at a roadside diner. And he made the best hamburger sandwich that Dagny Taggart ever had in her life. I'm sure he could have whipped up a bunch for the denizens of Galt's Gulch (in exchange for payment in gold, of course).

I have to  wonder if the guy who wrote the comic even read the book. I can't believe a critic of Ayn Rand would forget about the "hamburger sandwich".