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Francisco Franco, Elvis Presley, or Mark Twain?

Today I ran across yet another article about the death of blogging. The headline is in the form of a question ("is blogging dead?") so the article is not making a firm pronouncement. A cheap easy answer to the title question would be to point out that I'm making a blog entry right now so no, it is not.

But that really is too easy. Which leads to the question that forms the title of this entry. Whose death does the death of blogging most resemble?

Is blogging dead for sure and for good? Can we say that "blogging is still dead" as Chevy Chase used to say of Francisco Franco on the old Saturday Night Live episode? The many articles over the last few years announcing it's death seem to support that.

Or perhaps it is like the death of Elvis Presley. That is, it really and truly is dead, but there are lots of delusional die-hards insisting it is still alive and was last seen at a Circle K in Saginaw, Michigan. Or maybe even on livejournal (although that one is a bit far-fetched.)

And of course it could be like Mark Twain. Rumors of blogging's demise could very well be greatly exaggerated. There are still a lot of active blogs, just not as many as there used to be. My money is on this one.

That could be wishful thinking on my part. If that's the case, Elvis Presley is probably the best metaphor.