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Hamburger Sandwich again

In a previous post, I made fun of Ayn Rand for her use of the term "hamburger sandwich". Last night I reconsidered this.

For dinner, I stopped by subway and got one of their angus beef subs. As the name suggests, it is ground angus beef (or high quality hamburger) on a sub roll, which makes it a sandwich. A hamburger sandwich.

Maybe they should call it a hamburger sandwich. They are after all a sandwich shop and not a burger joint. Even better, they could make some sort of arrangement with the folks who made the Atlas Shrugged  movie and call it  "Hugh Akston's Hamburger Sandwich".

Once they did that, there could be all kinds of product spin-offs they could give away when you order the sandwich. I would sure go back for another one if I thought I could get a free John Galt action figure.