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A Surprise Reunion With An Old Dear Friend

This happened Saturday night, which was a million years ago in internet time, so I should have posted it earlier. It's important enough to post late.

I was at the coffee shop, and I looked out the door and saw Ira's old roommate Nancy walking towards the coffee shop. I have seen her on campus a few times recently, and keep up with her on facebook, but I haven't seen her in the coffee shop in nearly three years. I never expected to see her there again. Being around the coffee shop was painful for me after Ira died, but it had to be much  worse for her.

There are a couple of reasons. One of course is that she was much closer to Ira than I was. Ira was her best friend and roommate. The other is that Nancy associates Ira with the coffee shop much more strongly than I do. I had been a regular for years when Ira started working there. That's when Nancy became a regular. As far as she is concerned, Ira always worked at the coffee shop.

At any rate, I stepped out the door to give Nancy a big hug before she even entered. I was that happy  to see her. Also, Nancy gives the best hugs in the world. We chatted briefly about what was going on in her life, and she introduced me to the friend who came with her. She said "Ira and I were going to be poor together, but now it's going to be me and Lisa." It got a little emotional. I told her "go sit down and drink your coffee before I start crying." I said it with a smile on my face, but I wasn't entirely kidding.

She sat and chatted with her friend for a while, and then stopped to give me another hug and tell me goodbye.I told her what an unexpected delight it was to see her. On the way out she said "Now *I* have to leave before I start crying."

In spite of all the threatened tears, it was delightful to see her. I am glad she found the strength and the will to come back to the coffee shop. It was the next best thing to Ira coming back.