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My Weekend

My brother Jimmy and his family came into town to see me this weekend. My birthday is Wednesday, and they wanted to celebrate early with me.
It was great to see him, his wife, and his kids Andi and Barney.

Saturday night I I went over to my sister-in-laws parents house for dinner and birthday festivities. My sister-in-laws mom made an excellent dinner of meat loaf, greens, and broccoli and gave me a jar of pea soup to take home. Jimmy  got me some nice presents...a box of girl scout cookies (thin mints!) and a copy of  The Accidental Billionaires.

My bro told me he Accidental Billionaires was Barney's idea. They were in a bookstore shopping for my present and Barney pointed to it and said "get him that!".Barney is a big Marc Zuckerberg fan, which I would not have expected of an 8-year-old. My bro told me Barney was reading about him in Time magazine and was impressed to learn  that Zuckerberg is an avid fencer.

As soon as Barney wraps his mind around the internet tycoon thing, he's really going to be impressed.

We all went out to Concord Mills Sunday to go to the Lego Store. In the conversation on the way over, Barney provided some of the best quotes of the weekend. I was chuckling, as I am prone to do, about the people who want to make Charlotte a "world class city." My brother said "well, Charlotte does have a lot of good things to see and do."

From the backseat Barney said "Not as many as Tokyo!".

We talked about the various things that make different cities unique. Jimmy told me that  Nashville has a full scale replica of The Parthenon.
I was unaware of this  and said so.

Barney said "I knew that when I was in kindergarten!".

I have an interesting nephew.