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My Birthday

I turned 53 yesterday. I was dreading this birthday. Even though 53 is not a number you think of as a milestone, it feels old in a way previous ages have .

But it was a nice birthday. I got a package from my sister yesterday, which I opened at around 12:10 this morning. It was several books which were on my amazon wish list. As usual, she was way too generous. I called her and told her if she just wants to send a card next year that will be fine.

Elle took me out to dinner last night at Carabba's Italian Grill. We were seated, coincidentally I'm sure, next to a table full of people who were also celebrating a friends birthday. I went over to the table and gave the birthday girl my well wishes and told her it was my birthday as well. I refrained from breaking out into the Beatles "Birthday", solely because I didn't want to embarrass Elle.

We went by the coffee shop afterwards, and Irene the barista  had made me a chocolate cream pie. She'd put candles in it for me to blow out, which was nice.

It was a great birthday. I often forget how many people I have in my life that love me, and shouldn't need a reminder. But it was nice to get one.