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The Mark Carver Trial

Jury deliberations have already begun in the trial of Mark Carver, accused of murdering Ira Yarmolenko. The actual trial portion went by very quickly. The defense did not present a case and went straight to closing arguments. I can only assume they were extremely confident that the prosecution had a very weak case which sadly seems to be the consensus.

The prosecution seems to share my theory that whoever killed Ira was doing something they didn't want seen and noticed Ira taking photographs. They are more sure than I am that Carver was one of the people that killed Ira.

The defense compared the prosecutions case to "The Wizard Of Oz." That wasn't quite fair. Carver and Cassada were at the crime scene, and it's feasible to suggest that they killed Ira because they thought she was photographing them. Unfortunately, "feasible" is not the same thing as "proved beyond a reasonable doubt."

I don't know what happened and how all this will turn out. I hate that. i have been more emotional about all this than I have been since Ira was first killed.

I remember a while back somebody called into a local talk show to tell the host he had been falsely accused of molesting his child, and all he was going through. The host very wisely said "I wish you truth and justice, man." I know why he said that. He had no idea if the caller was guilty or not, but he did know the guy would be cleared if he was innocent and truth and justice prevailed.

And that's what I want. Truth and justice. I just don't know what it looks like yet.