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Rupert And Hillary, Sitting In A Tree

Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News and a zillion other media outlets, recently hosted a fundraiser for Hillary Clinton. This  has puzzled and disturbed pundits on the left (such as Jeff Cohen of FAIR) and right  (Cliff Kincaid of AIM). It  is bizarre and raises a lot of questions.

Well, really just one..."why?". The conventional wisdom is that  Murdoch is highly placed in "the vast right-wing conspiracy" (a designation Hillary herself coined)  and Hillary has long been the bete noir of conservatives everywhere.

I can only speculate. I recall  Murdoch going to senate hearings, hat in hand, asking permission to purchase some more media outlets. One of the senators (Barbara Boxer I believe) chastised him for criticical things said about her on Fox News.Perhaps he wants to avoid a replay of that humiliation by currying favor with Hillary.

Another explanation is that it's too simplistic an assumption to call Murdoch a conservative. Fox has plenty of liberals (Geraldo Rivera and Greta Van Susteren come to mind). That would make  this fundraiser less of an anomaly.

Maybe he wasn't trying to help Hillary at all.  She has come under a lot of criticism from the left  (aka Democratic Primary voters) for her support of the Gulf War. Hobnobbing with someone widely regarded as a symbol of  the conservative media would damage her further and might lose her the Democratic nomination. Maybe Murdoch  is rubbing his hands together and saying "eeeexcellent" as Hillary plays into his evil plan.

I'm not sure he's that smart,.

Maybe it's just a reflection of how good Hillary is at  getting campaign funds out of people, even Rupert Murdoch.

So I don't know. I know this was not a sudden development. There was talk about a Murdoch-Clinton alliance for a good while before this.  And I certainly don't  begrudge Murdoch the right to hobnob with Hillary, any more than I begrudge him the right to piss off  Democrats. But it does raise questions.