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The jury returned with a verdict of guilty in the trial of Mark Carver, accused of murdering Ira Yarmolenko.

As I read a  the comments on the various web articles about this, I saw a lot of people expressing doubt about the verdict. I've expressed such doubts  myself, and obviously I don't want the wrong guy convicted.

I do try to remind myself that I was not in the courtroom (I wish I could have been). I read the articles, but still did not see what the jury saw or heard what the jury heard. I know that the defense did not try to explain how Carver's DNA got on Ira's car. They didn't even present a case.
In closing arguments, according to this story in the Gaston Gazette, they suggested that Ira went to the river to commit suicide.

I found that infuriating, and am pretty sure it didn't help their case with the jury.

Today has been a bittersweet day for me. In spite of my reservations, I was mostly happy about the news. I also shed a few tears thinking about Ira. It's the most emotional day since I first learned of her death.

Carver's lawyers said they will appeal, so this may not be the final chapter. But even if it's not, a chapter has closed, and for that I am grateful.

Rest in peace Ira.