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I went to see cousindoc the other day. I was long overdue for a visit, so I got a mild scolding. "Please tell me you've been to see somebody else since you last saw me" he told me. I very sheepishly answered "well....i could TELL you that.....but I haven't." He shook his head.

He asked if I had been being good. I wasn't exactly sure how much was required to say honestly I've been being good. I told him I still wasn't drinking, if that's all there was to being good. He nodded and said that was good, but then asked if I had been watching my salt and exercising.

I haven't been doing horribly  in those areas, but I'm short of really good. i told him I take walks every Saturday and Sunday morning, and that on Tuesdays and Thursdays I have to walk to a classroom that is 62 feet above my office building in elevation. He was impressed that I knew that.

I was something of a child prodigy in mathematics, and he is still impressed by that. He shouldn't be. He is a doctor, and therefore understands molecular biology. I have concluded from the bioinformatics lectures I've attended (and was totally baffled by) that molecular biology is the real gold standard of intelligence.

A very lovely nurse took my blood pressure and got some blood from me. I told cousindoc that if he had told me he'd hired such a pretty nurse I would have been back sooner.

My blood sugar is OK, and my blood pressure is bad (especially the diastolic number) but not as bad as I have been. Cousindoc read me my blood pressure from before I quit drinking and it was a LOT worse. I am so glad I quit. He told me that, without using my name, he has used me as an example of what a difference quitting drinking can make. I was kind of proud of that.

He lectured me a little more and told me to stay on top of my medicine and never run out. (I am bad about that). He said he doesn't want to come to my funeral. I don't want that either. I'd hate for him to have to put on a suit and tie because of me. And plus, I don't want to be dead.

I was genuinely touched that he was working so hard to motivate me. I know he doesn't need my business to keep his practice. He's a very good guy.