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525600 minutes

A lot of people who know me well might be surprised at the title of this entry. You might say to yourself "He doesn't seem like a Rent person".
That would be correct. I was unfamiliar with the song containing that number before today, and unfamiliar with it's source until a few minutes before I made this post. I've also learned that the actual title of the song is "Seasons Of Love". Here is a video of it:

Those who know me better than they know the aforementioned musical will not be surprised at all. I am quite the numbers geek, and when I am exposed to a number, any number, I like to analyze it and examine it for interesting properties.

I did that with 525600, but unfortunately for some reason at I visualized it as 5,025,600, which is a much larger number. I factored it, and then I figured out that would be 3490 days...just a little under 10 years. "That's quite a while" I said out loud.

Fortunately, on the second chorus I was able to correct my error. "Oh, it's a year."  Boy was my face red.

After looking at the above video, I see that I could have known if it was referring to a year if I had just listened more  closely to the lyrics. But I was too busy doing math in my head, and besides, what would have been the fun in that?
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