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Hail And Farewell, Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck has announced he is leaving Fox News. I didn't watch his show a lot, mostly when it was 2 in the morning and I was still awake. But most of the time when I watched it, I found it insightful. In fact, I often thought to myself "I've been saying that for years." I'm thinking in particular of  a couple of his historic pieces...one on Warren Harding's successful handling of the 1920 Depression, and another on the Ukranian Famine.

I had mixed feelings about his discussion of things I'd been interested in, but had not heard much public discussion about. Of course I was glad to see these topics get a public airing. But at times I felt like the high school hipster seeing all the square kids enjoying the cool band he'd discovered two years earlier. The "square kids" in this case would be Glenn Beck. And the cool band would be....I guess it would be Warren Harding. Who knew?

But perhaps I don't give him enough credit. I remember being unhappy that congress chose to leave out the (unjustly) infamous 3/5 clause when they read the constitution aloud. I felt they should have read the entire constitution, warts and all. And it would have been a good opportunity to explain that the slave holding states would have had more power, not less, if slaves had been counted as entire human beings.

I put "make a blog entry about that" on my to-do list. But before I had a chance, Glenn Beck wrote a column about it.  I almost felt like Butters from Southpark hearing the words "Simpsons Did It".

On a couple of occasions I've expressed an opinion to Elle and she has said "you sound just like Glenn Beck." It's a case of great (or deranged, depending on your political orientation) minds thinking alike. I wish Glenn Beck well in his future endeavors.