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Hayek and Powerpoint

 I have been teaching a course in Microsoft office this semester. I haven't taught it and at times it's something  of a challenge. I was having a bit of difficulty thinking  of what to do  for today's lecture. But after some thought I came up with a good topic, and a lecture I ended up being  proud of.

We have been on powerpoint, and although we did templates a while back, I didn't go through all of the standard templates. One template I didn't go through in a lot of detail was the Quiz Show template. This is pretty much what the name implies...a way of creating a quiz in powerpoint.

So for my lecture I created a quiz using the Quiz Show template. All of the questions were about Friedrich Hayek, Salma Hayek, and the differences between them. A quirky subject matter for a quiz, but quirky keeps people awake and engaged. And it's something I've given thought to.  Many times I have typed "hayek" into google in hopes of finding information about the Austrian economist, only to get pages of hits on the busty Mexican actress.

I made the Quiz Show before class, but deliberately didn't save it. It was created purely  for the sake of rehearsal. I ended up  pretty well prepared, except for the fact that the Quiz Show template on the classroom computer was slightly different from the one on my own...it didn't have multiple choice questions. I improvised and did a matching question instead.

It kept the students attention, even though most of them had probably never heard of Friedrich Hayek. At the very least, they found it amusing (especially the true/false question about whether Salma Hayek had dated me.)

Everybody learned a lot including, as the cliche goes, the teacher. In researching the lecture, I learned it is Salma, not Selma Hayek. More substantively, I learned that Friedrich Hayek and Ludwig Wittgenstein were cousins. I found this interesting. I couldn't help but wonder how Hayek felt about his cousin threatening his long time friend Karl Popper with a poker. I didn't bring it up in class though. That would have been too tangential.