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Obama's Birth Certificate

As everyone in the world knew hours ago, Barak Obama released his Hawaiian long-form birth certificate today. The question of where he was born should be put to rest now.

I've only written about this only once before. I was somewhat sympathetic to the lawsuit bought by Philip Berg. I wondered at the time why he didn't settle the suit if he  was in fact born in Hawaii, and in spite of all that has happened, I still think that was a reasonable thing to wonder. There might be a perfectly sound explanation for the elephant that's in the living room. But if you tell me I'm crazy or stupid or racist for noticing the elephant and asking about it, you're just going to make me mad. And more suspicious than I would have been.

But Obama has shooed the elephant out of the living room. As predicted, there are those who aren't satisfied. Some say the birth certificate
is a forgery, others who say that Obama's father's Kenyan citizenship precludes Obama from being a US Citizen. I'm not buying either of those.
I do hope this is used as an occasion to tighten up the definition of natural born citizen (which the constitution is quite vague about). I noticed during this debate that there are a lot of definitions of what that is. 

Beyond that, I am satisfied. I hope it goes away as an issue soon.