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The Royal Wedding

Even though I am (a) a guy  and (b) an American I am actually aware that the royal wedding is tomorrow.There are a couple of reasons. One is that Kate Middleton is an unusually beautiful woman. I am not tired yet of seeing her pretty face on magazine covers.

The other reason for my interest is tawdry and political. Barak Obama is not invited, even though Kanye West, whom he once referred to as a "jackass" is. There is a great deal of speculation about why. Some point out that since William is not next in line for the throne, they are not obligated to invite heads of state. Fair enough, but it's worth noting that they aren't obligated to invite anyone, yet 1900 people made the cut, including other heads of state (such as the prime minister of Australia.)

Many point out that Obama has done a lot to piss the British off, and this is probably at least a factor. Warner Todd Huston does an admirable job of cataloging our President's breaches of etiquette and protocol, from tacky gifts to ignored phone calls with the British in this column.  All  good ways to get on an allies bad side.

And then there is the matter of the US sharing Britain's nuclear secrets with Russia. That just wasn't nice at all. I'm not an expert on foreign affairs or international diplomacy, but this does seem like the kind of thing that could cost you a wedding invitation.