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The Tao Of Steve

I was sitting at a table with a bunch of other guys at the coffee shop, and the subject turned to dating and relationships, and the various problems men face in this arena.

I asked if anyone had seen The Tao Of Steve. one of my favorite movies. It was  was quite relevant to the subject at hand. It is about a fat, slovenly, underemployed young man who, in spite of his many flaws,  is a babe magnet. He attributes this to a set of principles he calls "The Tao Of Steve." The character's name is Dex, not Steve.  Steve is, in Dex's opinion, the iconic name for any really suave, self-assured man. Steve McQueen and Steve Austin (the six million dollar man, not the wrestler) are cited as examples. This clip from the movie explains the significance of Steve better than I can :

The Tao of Steve is as follows:
  1. Be desireless 
  2. Be excellent in front of her
  3. Retreat from her

Lots of ladies are quick to point out that the film itself is not meant to be a guide on how to pick up girls, and they're right. The point of the movie is that even if you find a perfect algorithm for attracting  women (and personally  I don't think there is such an algorithm...only heuristics), you will still find that there is something missing in your life. Besides, the movie is such a joy to watch  that it's worth seeing even if  you reject everything Dex has to say.

But I still think the Tao Of Steve is worth following.  If a man adheres to it's principles, he might not get any more dates than he did before. But the following will almost certainly be true:
  1. He will not do any worse than he's been doing
  2. He will have been excellent
  3. He will not have acted like a damn fool
These are all very desirable results. And that last one will put you ahead of 90% of the male sex.