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Obama got Osama

I've been tardy in congratulating President Obama on finally getting Bin Laden. It's not because he doesn't deserve it...I'm just slack sometimes. It should be noted that many other conservatives, such as George Bush, Dick Cheney, blogger Warner Todd Huston, and my LJ friend level_head were all fairly quick to congratulate Obama, as they should have been. It was a great accomplishment, something his two predecessors failed to do. Bush was too busy making the middle east safe for democracy, and Clinton was too busy ...ummm...frolicking.
Even the underrated Warren G. Harding, the only President to be in one of my userpics, failed to get Bin Laden. Of course, the fact that Bin Laden was not yet born during his term is a pretty good excuse.

It was heartening to see people outside the White House chanting "USA!! USA!!". I haven't seen that kind of patriotic spirit since September 12, 2011. I don't think the celebration would have been as intense had Bush gotten him. The number of cool points you lose from being openly patriotic are fairly small. But if you throw in the points you lose for being happy about something Bush did, you're going to miss being invited to a lot of good parties. For this reason, I'm almost happy it was Obama that got Bin Laden and not Bush.

Congratulations Mr. President.
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